A recent observation indicated there are an average of 70,000 to 100,000 new cyber threats occurring every day world wide. The security of your computer system is paramount to your productivity and your company's success. Security challenges to your system appear almost daily and those challenges are demanding increasingly stronger tools. Prevention takes a lot less time than the cure. Call today to arrange a review of your system's security.

Securing your system requires a multifaceted approach. You need to guard against malware (viruses, spyware, Trojans, etc.) but that tact needs to be accompanied by a strong company policy that clearly states what you expect from employees. Setting up a company Acceptable Use Policy statement that everyone signs becomes a significant tool in the fight against malware threats.

You can't configure your way to systems security. Passwords are a good case in point. Windows has five separate policy settings designed to force users to select hard-to-guess passwords—and a determined user can overcome every one of them when they use a weak password.

Similarly, firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, and vulnerability scanners won't compensate for negligence on the part of users or administrators. That's why a security awareness program is a crucial component in any organization's information security strategy. Even small businesses need to give attention to security awareness. Without a solid program in place, your legal liability increases, and your legal recourse against dishonest employees is weakened. But aside from legal matters, without a security awareness program, you face greater risk in general, and the return on your security-related investments is diluted. Call for information on considering the major elements of a security awareness program.

A proactive anti-spyware routine is preferred so you know right away about potential threats.

Windows 10 comes with the very respectable Defender antivirus utility. No need to buy a 3rd party antivirus program.

I also recommend you install the Comodo security routine. See further information in the Managed Services page of this website.

For email security guidelines, visit this TechRepublic site.

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