Managed services

Wescot Company is also a Managed Services Provider (MSP). This service uses the Comodo Client Security (CCS) and computer monitoring routines.

Security breaches happen to all types and sizes of companies. You can't afford to be down for days or to pay ransom to get your data back. CCS catches 100% of breaches: 95% within seconds, the rest are readily checked by the Comodo support staff before they are allowed to run on your system. CCS runs unrecognized & new routines in a virtual shell totally outside your Windows working environment so there's no way a rogue program can infect your system. The subscription also includes monitoring of the computer's physical components and Windows updates status. No client data or behavior is monitored or tracked in any way.

Comodo Client Security (CCS) offers complete protection against internal and external threats by combining a powerful antivirus, an enterprise class packet filtering firewall and an advanced host intrusion prevention system (HIPS).

When used individually, each of these modules delivers superior protection against their specific threat challenge. When used together they provide a complete 'prevention, detection and cure' security system for your computer. Once installed on a Windows endpoint, CCS can be remotely configured and monitored from the Endpoint Manager console.

Please click here or call for information on benefits and fees for this service.

To download and install the monitoring agent on your Windows system, click here or on the red button below.

A non-disclosure agreement (sample here) will be provided for all MSP accounts.

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